Nexus 6P Wallpapers


There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of the awesome material design wallpapers that come with most Android phones. If you thought these were just computer generated images whipped up in Photoshop, you’re wrong! These are actually real designs put together with different materials and then photographed. The Nexus 6P has several of these wallpapers loaded up, as well as some awesome aerial shots to choose from. Let’s do this.

Here is what it looks like, when Google is designing a new wallpaper.


Creating a material wallpaper


Final product

Well this seems easy enough. I put together my own wallpaper using materials around my house. Here is how it turned out.


Wow! Even better than Google! You may download this wallpaper and use it for free if you’d like.

There’s a great article by Google that goes more in depth about how they design their wallpapers. The article also include two exclusive wallpapers that were not released with the Android Marshmallow update. Check out the article here.


Stock Wallpapers

Now you’ll get more than material, with the stock wallpapers. You’ll also get some images of beaches, rivers, pyramids and some other cool stuff.


If you want to download all of the stock Nexus 6P wallpapers for your own device, you can find them here.


Custom Wallpapers

I would recommend checking out this app called Backdrops – Wallpapers. It’s got hundreds of very cool wallpapers that are designed by the Backdrops team. This isn’t just a collection of images found of the internet, like many of the wallpaper apps out there.


You can download this app for free, from the Google Play store.

Play store link

You can also see what the community is doing for their wallpapers, in the themes forum for the Nexus 6P.