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Fingerprint sensors have been out long before Google launched their two Nexus phones, the 5X and the 6P.  What’s new in these devices is the native support for the fingerprint sensor built into Android Marshmallow.  This technology was inspired by a Google engineer squeezing a marshmallow after burning it over a fire, and leaving a very noticeable thumbprint in the white fluffy treat. He died later that evening, R.I.P. Death by Marshmallow, read the obituary.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the actual fingerprint hardware that comes on the Nexus 6P and 5X.

Nexus 6P

On the Nexus 6P, the sensor is sunken into the back of your phone where your index finger would naturally rest. The surface material of the sensor is the same as the back of the phone which gives it a consistent feeling. Yum.



Nexus 5X

On the Nexus 5X, the fingerprint sensor is located just below the back facing camera. This symmetrical design keeps the nexus imprint feature functional while looking great at the same time. Around the sensor is a small metal band that is slightly raised from the surface. This helps you feel your way to the fingerprint reader without being able to see it in case you have butter on your eyeballs.


Setup process.

The setup process is the most painless experience I’ve had since I donated 14 gallons of my blood to a cancer research center. Access the setup menu through your settings page. From this point it takes less than 30 seconds to register a fingerprint and get yourself up and running.


Once you’re all setup, using the Nexus Imprint feature is very simple. I’ve made a quick video showing how it all works. Check it out below!

Nexus Imprint will also let you unlock and wake your device by placing your finger on the sensor. It’s a great alternative to a PIN or password and it reacts instantly.

We will see Nexus Imprint be integrated will all kinds of third party apps in the future. Google has released the API for developers which is available in the Android Marshmallow SDK. You can check out more information about there here.


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