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So last night I was eating at the trendy little soup place. I ordered a nice goat flesh stew and wanted to take a picture of it to put on my insta. I took out my Nexus 6P and held it over the soup. I forgot my hands were still slippery from running my fingers through the crevice of the back of my ear. My phone slipped through my little lady fingers and splashed down into my stew. In a fit of rage I picked up my bowl threw it across the restaurant, burning more than five people with the scalding hot stew. After checking to see if my phone had survived, I was devastated to find that it was completely destroyed.

While this may seem like a sad story, it’s not so bad! You see I had my phone protected with Google’s insurance program called Nexus Protect. This really saved my rear. I’ll show you how you can get Nexus protect for your new Nexus device. Let’s go.

Get Nexus Protect

There are two devices that are currently eligible for Nexus Protect: the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. If you’re getting the Nexus 5X, you’ll be able to buy this insurance for  $69. The Nexus 6P coverage will cost you $89.

Your Nexus phone comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. With Nexus Protect, your phone gets an additional year of coverage for mechanical breakdown and 2 years of protection from accidental damage.


You’ll be able to add Nexus Protect to your purchase of either of these devices.

Get Nexus Protect

Program Details

Your phone will come with a one year manufacture’s warranty. This only covers hardware malfunctions but not physical damage. Nexus Protect extends that warranty to two years and adds accidental damage coverage.

Get a replacement fast

After you submit a claim, a new phone will be sent out to you within the next business day. The two-way shipping costs are covered by Google. Why two-way? Because you’ll be sending your damaged phone back to Google once you’ve received your replacement.

Coverage stays with your phone

Your Nexus Protect plan is tied directly to your phone. Even if you switch carriers or give your phone away to some homeless guy, that phone will still be covered. It’s associated with the IMEI of your device. So no need to hang on to any paperwork or anything like that. Boom.



Nexus Protect Website

File a Claim

When you need to get a new device through your Nexus Protect plan, you will pay a $79 deductible.

Worry-free claims process. It’s easy to stay connected. File a claim with our partner Assurant Solutions by phone or at, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Claims are subject to a $79 deductible and up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage for 2 years.



To file a claim, Google has set up a sexy website that can process your claim 24/7. You can find that website here:

File a claim