Nexus S Gets a Desire S Port – And Sense!

Nexus S Gets a Desire S Port – And Sense!

It looks like this week has been rather interesting and full of ports. Basically, it looks as if XDA was making a place where all phone are treated as equal, regardless of the UI. XDA member apreichner put this theory into practice by making a port of the Desire S rom for the Samsung Nexus S. In essence, this means that this device can now use Sense (something that Samsung devices normally cannot do). Having said that, please keep in mind that you are dealing with an alpha quality release, which means that a lot of things in your phone will not work upon flashing. According to the dev, some of the non-working things include most radios (wifi, BT, and cell), hardware 3D graphics, and several other things that make using your device a pleasant experience. Worry not , because more stable releases are coming soon.

If you have tried it, please leave some feedback for the dev in order to make this into something more functional.

In this 0.1 release, not a lot is functioning as of yet. HW3D is not quite working which is what is responsible for the graphical glitches. Wifi, Cell radio, Bluetooth, probably more is also broken but I havent done extensive testing.

This is why I need you guys to be my alpha testers. Do some investigating, tell me some issues, do logcats, and most importantly have fun!

A 0.2 release is coming real soon which will hopefully fix HW3D, Wifi, and Cell radio. I hope!

You can find more information in the port thread.

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