Nexus 5x Camera


The Nexus 5X is sporting a very unique camera that has extra large pixels. You may be familiar with this type of camera if you’ve used some of the newer HTC phones. The larger pixels are designed to let more light in when you’re stuck in low light conditions like when you’re at the boom-boom room down at the adult club. We are going to look at the Nexus 5X camera and see how it performs.

1.55μm Pixel Size

The pixels on the 5X are 50% larger than the average pixel. So what does a larger pixel size actually do? It helps to soak up more light by increasing the surface area that the light is hitting. It’s like using a big net to catch more fish, because fish have no feelings and don’t care if they are gutted and cooked… You disgust me. You’ll get 12.3 of these mega pixels, to get nice high resolution photos.

The other feature that helps this camera take great photos is aperture.  The f2.0 aperture is the size of the lens opening, which also helps more light get through and generally creates a very sharp and detailed pictures.


4K Video


Even though the Nexus 5X  is the budget version of the Nexus phones, you’re not going to loose any camera quality. The camera in the Nexus 5X can film at a resolution of 3840×2160 at 30 FPS. This will create high quality videos that can capture all the little details  of the pain and hurt that we experience every day.

Front Facing Camera

You can take some very nice looking selfies with the front shooter on this phone. Photos look great and the lens captures a very wide view, so you don’t have to hold your phone out too far from your tight body.  The front facing camera can shoot at full HD 1080p, so your self obsessed vlogs will fit right in with the rest of the HD content on the internet.

Your photos will be captured with a 5 megapixel sensor. This is a bit smaller than the 8 MP sensor in the Nexus 6P. So while the back facing cameras are the same, the front facing cameras are going to have a slight difference.

Sample Photos

Here are some samples I took with the Nexus 5X Camera.






Overall the Nexus 5X has a great camera. The one area where I noticed it struggled is when I’m trying to focus on objects at close range. Other than that, I really like this camera and give it Three Thumbs Up out of Three and a Half.