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With the Nexus 5x just, you can expect a flood of screenshots to hit the internet. You’re probably here because you want to see how the new Android 6.0 looks on the new Nexus device. That’s what this article is all about. We are going to look at screenshots of all the new features that will be available on the Nexus 5X. If you cannot afford this phone right now, just print out the screenshots on flash cards, and flip through them as if you were navigating through your phone. This is basically the same experience.

If you want to take screenshots of your own, on your New Nexus 5X, here’s how to do it!


How to Take Screenshots

To take a screenshot, simply hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons. You probably already knew about this though, because you guys are really smart. Let’s dive into it and check out these screenshots.


New App Drawer

The new app drawer is sorted alphabetically and has letters along the side to indicate where you are. At the top, you’ll have a place to see some favorite apps.



Here you’ll have your standard battery report, just like the one in Lollipop. You’ll also get the Battery saver mode, which will help you get the most out of your battery.


App Permissions

App permission now lets you manage access to your information in a much more effective way. You can now disable access to a feature for every app, right in your settings menu. If you don’t want any app accessing your contacts, just switch it off. Bada bing.


Google Now on Tap

Google Now has been given quite a big update with Android Marshmallow, as they implement a new feature called Google Now on Tap. It essentially “reads” what is on your screen at a given moment then provides contextual information and actions. People are saying that right now, Now on Tap is limited, but the mighty beasts at Google will soon make it awesomer.



Everything in settings will look very familiar to the Lollipop setup. You’ll find all the new app permission features here.



So this should give you enough screenshots to print off some cards and simulate owning a smartphone. I love you.

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