Niagara Launcher adds a beautiful weather widget and more in version 1.1

Niagara Launcher adds a beautiful weather widget and more in version 1.1

After a successful beta run, third-party home screen replacement app Niagara Launcher launched on the stable channel early last month. However, the app’s developers didn’t include any new features in the first stable release to ensure a smooth transition. To make up for the lack of new features, the developers are now rolling out Niagara Launcher v1.1, which includes an updated weather widget, new animations, and more.

As per a recent post about the latest Niagara Launcher update, the revamped weather widget brings support for 30-minute rain and snow forecast, shorter refresh intervals of 30 to 60 minutes, a longer forecast range of 8 days, and other subtle tweaks. The new 30-minute rain forecast feature is supported in most regions, except Africa, and it provides minutely forecast data to help you avoid getting stuck in rain or snow.

Niagara Launcher new weather widget

30-minute rain forecast

On the other hand, the shorter refresh intervals update the forecast dynamically every  30 to 60 minutes based on current weather conditions to increase accuracy. Despite the shorter update interval, Niagara Launcher never wakes up your phone from standby and doesn’t have any significant impact on your phone’s battery. The longer forecast range lets you check the weather forecast for the next seven days and the hourly forecast now also includes weather conditions for the next day.

Longer forecast range

Furthermore, the Niagara Launcher weather widget now shows sunrise and sunset timers on the hourly weather forecast. It includes daily weather descriptions and additional weather icons for a more precise forecast. It also has a new option to choose a fixed location for more accurate results automatically.

New app close animations

Along with the updated weather widget, Niagara Launcher v1.1 brings new close app animations, a battery charge indicator, a new widget settings sheet, and a transparent screenshot feature that lets you take screenshots of the launcher without the wallpaper.

If you’re interested in trying out all these new features, you can download the latest Niagara Launcher update by following this link. It’s worth noting that the update isn’t available on the Google Play Store at the moment, and it may be a bit unstable. So, if you’re an inexperienced user, you may want to proceed with caution.

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