The special Red & Blue Mario Edition Nintendo Switch is available for purchase–here’s where to grab one

The special Red & Blue Mario Edition Nintendo Switch is available for purchase–here’s where to grab one

In honor of Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a special Red & Blue Mario Edition of the Nintendo Switch. The console uses Mario’s iconic red and blue to really make it pop. The console looks neat! While Nintendo hasn’t announced if it’s limited yet, you don’t want to leave your purchase up to chance, do you? Don’t worry, as we’ve rounded up the retailers selling the newest Switch below.

What’s interesting about the special red and blue colorway Switch, as opposed to the special edition Animal Crossing Switch, is that the whole console is a different color. The Switch itself is in the ironic Mario red color with matching red Joy-Cons (not to be confused with the Super Mario Odyssey Red Joy-Cons, which are darker) and a red Switch dock. Yeah, it’s… pretty red! The Joy-Con holders are blue, though, which helps to break up to red colorway a bit.


This edition also comes with a Mario-themed carrying case and a screen protector. Since this Switch edition is still $300, it’s actually a bit of a deal over other Switch editions. However, Nintendo Case travel cases and screen protectors aren’t all that expensive. So, you’ll probably want to determine if you grab this special Switch edition based on if you like how it looks or not.

In the US, you can pick up this new Switch from these retailers. It’s hard to tell if there will be a mas rush for the console–while Switch stock has even out over the past few months, it’s unknown how limited the Red & Blue Mario Edition Switch is. So be sure to grab one ASAP if you want it!

By the way, this special Red & Blue edition Switch is releasing alongside a new Mario title, or rather, an expanded port of a Wii U game–Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. This Switch does not come with any free games, so if you need something to play on the device, you might as well get started with the latest!

    Enjoy the Wii U classic on... well, let's be honest, a console you actually own! Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ports the title with new content.

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