Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controllers Natively Pair with Android, But They Lag

Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controllers Natively Pair with Android, But They Lag

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Android doesn’t have the best of luck when it comes to Bluetooth devices. Some have simply refused to connect and work right in the past, but this has changed over the years. Today though, we’re still seeing devices have issues with their Bluetooth connection (even on the Pixel phones), while others are surprised at the number of things that will connect to their Android device. Connecting a Bluetooth device to an Android smartphone or tablet is one thing, but having it work properly is completely different.

So there are a lot of headlines popping up within the Android community that talk about how Nintendo’s new Joy-Con controllers for the Switch console will natively pair with an Android device. The source seems to be from a French Twitter account and the image shown implies that they were able to get them to pair with a Nexus 6. The thing is, you most likely will not enjoy using these controllers on your Android device due to the amount of lag that is introduced, according to user reports.

We saw the same thing happen with Sony’s controllers when they were able to connect to an Android device over Bluetooth. The devices were able to connect just fine, but they had noticeable lag that made using them with any game unbearable for most people. Sony fixed this with their own Xperia devices in one of their OTA updates, but that’s because they make the controllers and the phones, and the company offers services to play Play Station games on their smartphones. Nintendo doesn’t have such vested interest, so it’s unlikely that they will release some sort of fix for this issue.

So while it is nice to see these controllers natively connect to an Android device, it will likely take someone from the community to get them working the way they should. We saw this with the Sixaxis application for Sony’s controllers, so it is possible that we’ll see the same with Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers as well.

Source: @NintendoActu