No more Moto Z phones this year, claims Motorola USA’s Twitter account

No more Moto Z phones this year, claims Motorola USA’s Twitter account

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The debate about how Lenovo handled Motorola after its acquisition from Google can get pretty heated. A lot of people had high hopes when they were being operated by Google and kept onto that optimism after they shifted to Lenovo’s control. Since then, it seems as if the company has lost focus as they attempt to keep up with the competition. The Moto Z series became the company’s flagship smartphone but this year it has been given a mid-range chip from Qualcomm (the Snapdragon 675). A few had held onto hope that a Force variant would be announced later but the official Motorola Twitter account says otherwise.

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Motorola has a history of taking a popular device in their arsenal and breaking it into multiple variants for different segments of the market. Sometimes it’s to save the customer money while other times it’s a way to add a little extra to the current base model. We see this quite often from other OEMs too, but for Motorola, they were using terms such as Force, Play, Power, and others to distinguish the devices. Those who owned any of the previous Moto Z devices and were looking to upgrade to the Moto Z4 were quite let down after the official announcement this week.

As of right now, we don’t know what Motorola’s plan is (or Lenovo’s plan for Motorola). Both Sony and LG have pulled back their production of smartphones due to the increased competition. It’s currently unclear if Motorola will release a smartphone with the Snapdragon 855 chipset this year. As you can see from the tweet above, some people were hoping that a Force variant of the Moto Z4 would be announced this year so they could have a more powerful smartphone. But the current stance from the company comes to us, just like last year, from a response on Twitter which says they will not be announcing anymore Moto Z devices this year.

If a high-end Motorola phone with the Snapdragon 855 is released this year, it doesn’t look like it will bear the “Z” name.