No, Root Is Not Coming To The LG G4 Just Yet

No, Root Is Not Coming To The LG G4 Just Yet

By now many of you will have heard that Senior Recognized Developer jcase in collaboration with autoprime and thecubed were successfully able to root the LG G4. Many of you understandably had questions regarding the break through, so we reached out to jcase to find out some of the details and the stage of development they are on.


What Exactly Happened?

As you may have seen on his Youtube page, he has indeed achieved root on the LG G4. If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a minute to check out the video below and get up to speed.

So Are We Getting Root, Or Not?

Yes and no. The first LG G4 he attempted this on unfortunately did not survive the attempt and whilst he was successful on his second device it remains unsafe. When we asked, he had this to say on the subject “I don’t believe this one will ever be released, it is not easy, not safe and I am unable to package it in a way to protect it. I do plan to release a safer option when possible however there is no ETA on that at the moment.” For the moment the current method will be used for further research. He also requests that users do not contact him regarding the status of the project until it is complete.

This is by no means the first time jcase has achieved root on a device, he has a long history on the subject. We do have to remember though that this is his career and not just a hobby, he may often have to hold off on releasing until he is completely ready, as was seen with his Motorola root last year.

What Happens Next?

We will keep you informed on the status of the root. If you are in the process of working on your own root method, by all means continue. We do not know when we will see a stable method. However, it is great to see that there is indeed some progress.

Are you waiting on root for your LG G4? Leave a comment below!

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