[Update: Except Nokia 2] The Nokia 1 gets Android Pie, so now every HMD Global phone has the latest update

[Update: Except Nokia 2] The Nokia 1 gets Android Pie, so now every HMD Global phone has the latest update

Update (6/28/19 @ 1:53 PM ET): The Nokia 2 is confirmed to be not receiving the Android Pie update.

I am becoming increasingly impressed with how well HMD Global has handled Android’s software updates for all of its smartphones. Granted, you don’t get all of the bells and whistles from their OEM ROM as say, Samsung’s version of Android, but fans of stock Android have found themselves a good home with the current roster of Nokia smartphones. After releasing a couple of roadmaps for their Android Pie update schedule, the company has just announced the update is currently rolling out to the Nokia 1.


Getting into the smartphone industry isn’t an easy goal for a company to achieve. Essential had all the hype in the world with the launch of the PH-1. While it did make an impact in the smartphone industry, there are few who would say it was a commercial success. Even going the route of licensing out your brand name (similar to how Nokia licenses its name to HMD Global) has rarely proven to be successful in the long-term. We’re so used to smartphone OEMs only keeping their high-end smartphones updated with the latest version of Android but Nokia 1 owners don’t have to worry about that.

I was very skeptical about HMD Global when they began releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. However, the company has been very vocal about their plans and current schedule for software updates. The Nokia 1 was launched in early 2018 with Android Oreo (Go Edition) and costs you less than $60 from Amazon (brand new). It’s getting the Android Pie update OTA right now. Competition within the smartphone industry is tough on the businesses that choose to participate. However, that type of competition is great for the consumer as it forces everyone else to step up their game.

Most OEMs only guarantee 2 major version updates for its flagship smartphones and 3 years of security updates. For years, customers had to buy these $500+ smartphones in order to feel safe knowing they can get major version updates (along with prompt security updates). HMD Global is showing that customers don’t have to do that anymore. Now, we just have to wait and see if HMD Global will be able to continue with this rigorous update schedule for its Nokia smartphones and keep the company out of the red.

Update: Except Nokia 2

Earlier this week, Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, tweeted about the Nokia 1 getting Android Pie. He said, “Now there is a Nokia smartphone everyone running Pie.” Turns out this isn’t completely true. The Nokia 2 will not be getting the update, as confirmed by an HMD Staff Member.

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