Nokia 3 Android Oreo Beta now available for testing

Nokia 3 Android Oreo Beta now available for testing

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HMD Global has been holding public beta tests for major updates to Android so users can enjoy the latest update but also provide feedback to the company before a wider release. This is via the well known Nokia Beta Labs Program and so far we have seen a lot of their current devices join in. Now it has been announced that the Nokia 3 is now eligible for this beta program so people can test out Android Oreo right now.

Nokia branded smartphones have certainly been surprising many of us within the Android community since they first started being released. The competition within the industry is so fierce that it can be difficult for a new player to enter the field. However, they seem to be hitting a lot of checkboxes for features that people are looking for in a smartphone OEM, and their success cannot be understated.

The launch of the Beta Labs Program started things off with Nokia 8 owners being able to test out the unreleased version of Oreo. These efforts were then extended to the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 5 as well. While not an unprecedented turn of events, some would agree that it’s rare for a smartphone OEM to update their mid-range smartphones with a new version of Android. However, it’s even more rare to see a smartphone company push out a new major version update to their low-end devices.

But again, HMD Global is surprising many people by doing this. It has just been announced on Twitter that the Nokia 3 is able to opt into the Nokia Beta Labs program to test out its unreleased version of Android. The company certainly hasn’t lied when they announced they would be updating their current Nokia smartphones with the new Oreo update.

As a reminder, Android Oreo brings features such as picture-in-picture mode, notification channels and snoozing support, support for a new Autofill API for password managing apps, stricter background app and service limitations for better memory usage and battery life, and much more.