Nokia 5 Camera App Reveals 4 Unreleased Nokia Phones

Nokia 5 Camera App Reveals 4 Unreleased Nokia Phones

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One of 2017’s greatest developments was the comeback of Nokia in the form a licensing agreement with holding company HMD Global. The company’s new Android-touting smartphones had solid spec sheets, durable and premium designs, close-to-stock Android firmware, and reasonable price tags. HMD Global established itself as a solid, affordable alternative to Android juggernauts such as Samsung or HTC, and it has even bigger plans for 2018. Along with a refresh of last year’s Nokia phones, it’s preparing to launch all-new handsets in almost every price bracket.

Thanks to a crafty developer at MySmartPrice who decompiled the Nokia 5‘s camera app, we have a better idea of what Nokia and HMD Global have in store. The application’s directory points to the existence of four unreleased smartphones: The Nokia 9, the 7 Plus, the Nokia 4, and the Nokia 1.

The camera app does not, however, give insight into any of the smartphones’ specifications —  only their names. Of all the names leaked, we’re most familiar with the Nokia 9, the Snapdragon 835-powered phone which will reportedly take the place of the Nokia 8 as the Finland-based company’s top-of-the-line flagship.

The Nokia 1 was recently rumored to ship with Android Go, a lightweight version of Android 8.1 optimized for low-end phones.

There haven’t been rumblings about the Nokia 4 or the Nokia 7 Plus yet. The Nokia 4 would presumably fill the gap between the Snapdragon 430-powered Nokia 5 and the MediaTek-powered Nokia 3, and possibly retain a 400-series Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip but swap out components like the camera, RAM, and storage. We’re inclined to believe the Nokia 7 Plus, though, is a slightly beefed-up version of Nokia’s mid-range devices, the Nokia 7.

CES 2018 is right around the corner, and it’s very likely that we’ll learn more about these four Nokia phones in the coming days.

Via: Pocket-lint Source: MySmartPrice