Nokia 6.1’s May security update is causing major Wi-Fi issues for many

Nokia 6.1’s May security update is causing major Wi-Fi issues for many

The Nokia 6.1 is HMD Global’s first Android One device to launch in the United States. Hardware wise, it’s identical to the Nokia 6 (2018) which launched in China earlier this year. The U.S. version, of course, has near stock Android software due to the Android One program, and thanks to HMD Global’s speed at rolling out security patches the Nokia 6.1 already has the latest May 2018 security patches. The May security patch update for the Nokia 6.1 has been causing a ton of problems for some users, however, with multiple reports on the Nokia support forums stating that the Wi-Fi is a bit broken right now.

Users are reporting frequent disconnects and very poor signal strength that only started occurring after the latest update. The cause of the bug is unclear, as it only seems to affect some devices but not others. If a system update is required to fix it, then that’ll be trouble for users who can’t connect to Wi-Fi at all. On the support forums, users are being told to factory reset or go to a nearby service center.

Some users say that their Wi-Fi is working on the Nokia 6.1 when the device is placed in close proximity to the router. If that’s the case, a rollback software release may be possible for these users. Regardless, if you buy the Nokia 6.1 then we recommend you hold off on installing the May update until this Wi-Fi has been resolved.

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