HMD Global rolls out the Android 10 update to the Nokia 7.2

HMD Global rolls out the Android 10 update to the Nokia 7.2

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HMD Global has had decent success with its Nokia-branded Android smartphones since they started licensing the name back in 2016. The new Nokia’s approach to Android smartphones was an interesting one: with a focus on updates and software without unnecessary fluff and gimmicks, their phones were pretty close to what Motorola released in 2013 and 2014 under Google’s ownership. One of their most recent smartphones is the Nokia 7.2 (which, as a fun fact, is also one of the very few Nokia phones that shipped with an unlockable bootloader, albeit this was unintentional and patched later on). Users of the Nokia 7.2 might be glad to know that the device is now receiving its dose of Android 10 through an OTA update.

Nokia 7.2 XDA Forum

There is not a lot to see here: the update’s software version is V2.250 and the Android version receives a bump to Android 10. Again, it is nearly stock Android, so you get the full package of new features and improvements we’ve seen arrive in other stock-Android-powered smartphones from companies like Motorola and Google. This includes things like the system-wide dark mode, full screen gestures, smart replies for apps, and much more. The update also comes with the most recent March 2020 security patches, as the April 2020 ones are due anytime now.

This rollout is barely within Nokia’s Android 10 timeline. The Android 10 update for the Nokia 7.2, as well as for other phones in Nokia’s third-generation lineup, was promised for Q1 2020. Today is the last day of 2020’s first quarter, which means that they did keep their promise in this regard.

Users interested in downloading this update should expect an over-the-air update to arrive on their phones soon. If it’s not available for your device yet then it’s likely that it is rolling out in waves to users around the world. Are you running Android 10 on your Nokia 7.2 already?