Nokia 7 Plus gets Android P Developer Preview 4 (Beta 3) with App Actions & Slices support

Nokia 7 Plus gets Android P Developer Preview 4 (Beta 3) with App Actions & Slices support

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With the death of the Nexus program, developers also lost out on a valuable resource for testing their apps on the latest version of Android as well as on Beta/Developer releases of the OS. While they could pick up a Pixel device instead, the high cost was a prohibiting factor for many indie developers. A surprising saviour to the situation came in the form of Project Treble, which enabled Google to deliver Android P Betas across a range of non-Pixel devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.

The Nokia 7 Plus had received its Android P Beta 2 build about a month ago, and now this device from HMD Global is also receiving its Android P Beta 3/Developer Preview 4 build. This update bumps up the Android security level of the device to July 2018 and brings some system stability improvements to the Beta program.

Further, this Beta 3 build also brings in support for App Actions and Slices. These new Android P APIs help developers drive user engagement for their app from within content aggregators such as Google Feed, by displaying snippets of the app’s UI (Slices) or contextual actions based on the app’s capabilities (App Actions). Slices provide a dynamic, interactive yet seamless way to showcase content such as live-data, scrolling content, inline actions and more from the developers app into the Google app; while App Actions provides predicted reactions based on the context.

The new Beta 3 build is available for installation via sideloading and OTA. Nokia recommends wiping data before the upgrade, and since the OTA update will also automatically wipe user data, it is recommended that interested developers ensure that their data is backed up beforehand. You can sign up to be a part of the Beta over at Nokia’s website. Note that Developer Previews and Betas are not recommended for users that prefer system stability, and hence, are intended only for developer usage.

Source: Nokia Community Story Via: Nokia Poweruser