Nokia 7 Plus owners accidentally get OTA downgrading them from Android P to Android Oreo

Nokia 7 Plus owners accidentally get OTA downgrading them from Android P to Android Oreo

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Nokia and HMD Global have had a terrible time when it comes to updates recently. Only last week did we see the Nokia 6.1 suffer from Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to the May security patch, and now Nokia 7 Plus owners who installed Android P are going through even worse. The only saving grace is that this issue affects only the Nokia 7 Plus on the Android P beta, which users would be expecting to find bugs on anyways. Still, there’s nothing much more drastic than this. Users are reporting being downgraded with the latest OTA claiming to be the June security update.

Users on Nokia’s forums have started to complain after their phone downloaded the 1.3GB update, they didn’t realize that it was a downgrade package. There is no evidence to suggest this is intentional either. As a result, users are having their devices crash and applications force closing because their data is meant for a newer version of Android. The rollback package on the Android P install page doesn’t work either, as the package is older than the current build. It’s a complete mess that users have been thrown into, and the only saving grace for Nokia 7 Plus owners is that this is on Android P. Users were explicitly warned not to use this as a daily driver.

Users can do a factory reset to return back to Android 8.1 Oreo, but it’s still a messy situation to be in. Users also can’t re-flash the original Android P image either, so you’ll need to factory reset to use your device and then wait on a proper fix to be released by Nokia. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as the Wi-Fi issues introduced on the Nokia 6.1 in that sense. Users still have internet access to download updates. It does make you wonder how this managed to get past testing, however.

Source: Nokia Forums