Nokia 8.2 may feature a 32MP pop-up camera and Android Q

Nokia 8.2 may feature a 32MP pop-up camera and Android Q

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HMD Global hasn’t followed the traditional naming scheme for its Nokia-branded Android smartphones. Instead, they’ve used the numbers as a sliding scale, in a sense. With devices like the Nokia 1 and Nokia 2 being on the very low-end and the Nokia 8 being on the higher end. Recent rumors of the upcoming Nokia 8.2 smartphone suggest it will include features such as a 32MP pop-up camera (to presumably eliminate the need for a top bezel, hole punch, or a notch), 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage and launch with Android 10.

A recently leaked Nokia smartphone had a unique rear camera/rear fingerprint sensor module but that doesn’t seem to be what we are hearing with the Nokia 8.2. Instead, rumors from Ishan Agarwal via mysmartprice suggest the device featured in that leaked image is something else. As mentioned, the 32MP pop-up camera is likely due to a design they decided on that is the company’s current attempts to shrink the top bezel as much as possible. We shouldn’t expect to hear anything official about this until at least the end of the year (likely into next year) since the source is saying it will launch with Android Q on it.

It may end up arriving right on time for the holiday season though, we’ll just have to wait and see. A respectable 8GB of RAM and an impressive 256GB of internal storage is what current rumors are saying as well. These details seem very specific though without any mention of other variations to choose from. One thing that is not clear from the rumor is the mobile chipset that HMD Global has chosen to go with. Some say it will pick up where the Nokia 8.1 left off and opt for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series (maybe even the rumored Snapdragon 735).

Many were impressed with the build quality of the Nokia 8.1 but were not digging the notch. An upgrade to a more modern look could be just what Nokia needs to keep its 8-series of phones from looking dated.

Source: mysmartprice