The Nokia 8 bootloader can now be unlocked

The Nokia 8 bootloader can now be unlocked

It was almost exactly one year ago when HMD Global said they would look into the possibility of unlocking the bootloader on the Nokia 8. The company’s policy does not allow users to unlock bootloaders for security reasons. However, that is changing as it’s now possible to unlock the Nokia 8’s bootloader.

The news comes from a tweet from Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer at HMD Global. He is the same guy who said they would look into this situation last year. It looks like he was successful. The tweet links to a new page on Nokia’s website where you can sign into your account and start the bootloader unlocking process.

This is obviously huge news for the Android community. Nokia has several Android One devices and super affordable Android Go devices. They feature decent specs and clean software. Unfortunately, the bootloader situation has prevented enthusiasts from being able to use TWRP, Magisk, SuperSU, Xposed Framework, custom ROM, and tons of other goodies on these devices. Nokia 8 users can finally enjoy these benefits.

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