HMD Global is investigating claims that the Nokia 9’s fingerprint scanner is insecure

HMD Global is investigating claims that the Nokia 9’s fingerprint scanner is insecure

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HMD Global’s latest flagship, the Nokia 9 PureView, is backed by some surprising elements like the penta-camera setup. However, the device has also been surprising users in ways which may not be very pleasant. Enrolling fingers and authentication using the in-display fingerprint scanner on the Nokia 9, for instance, has been tough for many users. And while a recent update was meant to ease the experience, it may have slackened the reins so much so that anything, even a pack of gum can now be used to unlock the phone.

A Nokia 9 user by the alias, “Decoded Pixel,” recently a video posted on Twitter, to demonstrate how the fingerprint scanner can now be easily bypassed with unregistered fingers, including their own and someone else’s. What might not be easily digested is the fact that the same user was able to fool the fingerprint scanner using a pack of chewing gum.

In another video, Decoded Pixel was able to unlock Nokia 9 by continuously stamping the fingerprint scanner with the same pack of gums from different sides.

Marton Barcza behind the renowned YouTube channel TechAlter confirming that the flaw is not limited to Decoded Pixel’s unit and that his Nokia 9 can also be unlocked with unregistered fingers.

Meanwhile, the original poster heard from Nokia Juho Sarvikas, who assured them that the issue is being looked. Since Nokia’s internal team could not imitate the issue, Decoded Pixel might get a replacement unit. Likewise, Barcza received a written response from the support team, affirming that the issue is being investigated.

A few other users have been able to reproduce the issue in certain conditions like in the Grayscale mode of Android 9 Pie’s Digital Wellbeing. But like HMD Global, a host of other users were unable to reproduce the issue, which means that it could possibly be limited to some of the units. The issue could also be prominent on units available only in certain regions.

Whatever be the case, we’ll update you as and when we learn more about Nokia 9’s loose cannon fingerprint scanner.