Nokia Camera with Pro Camera mode has been ported to other devices

Nokia Camera with Pro Camera mode has been ported to other devices

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Most people will agree that Nokia’s Lumia smartphones were well-known for their picture quality. This is why the company has made a lot of headlines lately with the introduction of Pro Mode in their Nokia Camera application. This new update was released for the Nokia 7 and then again most recently for the Nokia 8. Thanks to the dedicated developer community, you don’t have to own a Nokia smartphone to take advantage of this new camera feature. If your smartphone supports the Level 3 Camera2 API then you can use the latest port of the Nokia Camera with Pro Mode enabled.

Not many people automatically know if their device supports the Camera2 API out of the box. I know there are some Xiaomi devices out there that don’t include support for it on MIUI and there are likely a number of other modern Android devices that don’t as well. So while you can assume that most new smartphones will support it, that isn’t always the case. This is where the Camera2 API Probe application comes into play. The application simply shows if your device supports the Camera2 API and at which level.

As long as your Android device supports the Level 3 Camera2 API, you can take full advantage of this recent port of the Nokia Camera application. This is thanks to the work from XDA Recognized and Social Contributor linuxct and their port of version 8.0260.50 of the Nokia Camera. Ports of applications don’t always work 100% as intended and that is the case with this release of the Nokia Camera. The developer is aware that it will sometimes crash on OnePlus devices and the Shutter Speed control doesn’t have any visual effect on the viewfinder.

The Shutter Speed control will produce the desired effect on the photograph you take, you just won’t get any visual feedback in the viewfinder when changing this setting.

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