All Nokia Android Smartphones to Receive Update to Android Oreo

All Nokia Android Smartphones to Receive Update to Android Oreo

Nokia, in combination with HMD Global, is looking to make their presence known to the Android consumer base. The Nokia 8 is shaping up to be a stellar phone, with some good specs for a decent price and, even better, all running stock Android. The company’s phones have been receiving a security patch update monthly, and now things are looking even better for Nokia’s smartphones.

The Chief Product Officer of HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas, tweeted that all of Nokia and HMD’s smartphones, which includes the Nokia 3 (their only MediaTek based device), will receive Android Oreo.

The Nokia 3 is the most “budget” phone of all of their smartphone line-up, and yet it too is receiving Android Oreo. This marks a change from budget phones from other manufacturers which are never usually updated, except for some exceptions. As mentioned above, there is no timeframe given, but Nokia so far has had a decent track record for device updates. Their phones are receiving timely security updates, which we’ve praised them for in the past. HMD Global have been critical of OEMs in the past, especially over update times. For those of you who miss stock Android, Nokia’s devices run pure Android which enables quicker updates. This is also made possible by the dedication from HMD Global to update the devices quickly.

HMD Global also promised two years of updates at least, meaning the Nokia 3,  5 and 6 are pretty close to that two-year deadline for when OS upgrades come out. We’ll wait and see what happens with that, but in theory, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 could receive Android P. With HMD Global’s dedication so far to updates, it’s probably safe to assume that if it’s possible to upgrade those devices to Android P, then they will.


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