Not Really A Theme But A New Look – Transparent HTC Apps

Not Really A Theme But A New Look – Transparent HTC Apps

We all like to theme our devices differently. However, there are times when we simply want to stand out from the crowd by actually uaving less. For these purposes, we have seen a number of Google apps being done in different colors (inverted, etc), but this we had not seen before. XDA member fernando sor brings us transparent HTC apps. Basically, these modded apps will allow you to see the wallpaper that you worked so hard to choose through your most commonly used apps such as the dialer. Only the aforementioned one and the MMS app have been done so far, but this is certainly something interesting to have if you miss your background while using your device. One word of advice, pick a background that will allow you to see the text on your screen because if you happen to choose something with lots of white or black (depending on what colored font you have as default), you will have a rather hard time reading from your screen.

Please leave some feedback for the dev.

Brought to you by fernando sor and jeffanace

i have been working on this project on and off for a few weeks and it is pretty close to being 100%. let me just say it was challenging. i hacked , ripped, changed, deleted and redirected.

to my knowledge this has not been done before.

You can find more information in the original thread.

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Thanks silverxbv2 for the tip!

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