Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features



The Galaxy Note 5 is probably the most feature packed phone there is. It’s not just an ordinary smartphone, It’s a space station. The most interesting thing about the Galaxy Note series is the stylus input method. This might have you wondering, “What features does this phone have that sets it apart from other phones?” Good question, friend. Any phone can use a stylus, so let’s see what makes the S Pen unique. But there are also plenty other other reason to love this phone. Let’s take a look at all of that, together.

S Pen

So the first obvious feature is the S Pen. The S Pen has transformed a bit to now include a clicking mechanism. This is used to help remove the pen from the from its holding cell.

The S Pen is capable of doing all sorts of things including tracing screenshots, handwriting input, drawing with different brush strokes and it’s even pressure sensitive.

How does this thing even work? Magic… I mean magnets. The S Pen stylus pulls power from a circuit board that sits behind the screen. A magnetic reflector creates an electromagnetic field that pushes power out from the screen. This is what powers the button and Air Command feature. This is also how babies are made.


Read more about the S Pen here.

S Health

S Health is a way to monitor your health and fitness. While every smartphone has it’s own version of a health and fitness tracker, S Health is considered to be one of the best. It can count your calorie intake, track your steps, monitor your sleep and much more. Better get healthy before it’s too late!


S Voice

S Voice is designed to give you a little more functionality than Google now. Consider this your basic digital voice assistant who snorted 4 lines of cocaine and cut the palms of their hands open to prove their dedication to you.

You can program custom commands on S Voice. If you want to wake it up, you can program “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” to be the phrase it responds to. Unlike Google Now, it takes little more than a whisper to activate S Voice.  Once S Voice is setup you’ll be able to update your twitter, send a text, place a call, add a calendar event and all the other stuff you’d expect to be able to do. S Voice works pretty well, and it’s the closest thing I’ve come to making a friend in 17 years.


Camera Effects

Every smartphone camera is going to have a few effects right? Well with the Samsung camera you’ll have access to a whole marketplace of effects. You can download effects from Ucam, Camera360, aillis, B612 and CandyCamera. You’ll have access to these all from within the camera app.



These are the most exciting features of the Galaxy Note 5. Aside from this, you can expect all the goodies and junkware that come with Galaxy phones. I am usually not a fan of Samsung phones but the Galaxy Note 5 gets me hot.