Samsung Galaxy Note5 Wallpapers


When the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a massive 5.7 inch D(isplay) and a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, you have to show off your screen with an awesome wallpaper. This is what life is all about man! Are you really going to drop $600 on a phone and not make it look awesome? The stock wallpapers that it comes with are decent, but you might also be interested in something a little more exciting. These wallpapers are as exciting as jumping into a pen of rabid dogs and letting them rip the flesh off of your body. Exciting AND erotic.

Stock Wallpapers

For those of you that are here to download the stock wallpapers that come with the Galaxy Note 5, you can get them here.




Download the stock wallpapers here

Material Wallpapers

Marshmallow should be coming out soon for the Galaxy line of phones. If you want to embrace Googles material design theme that they’re going with, you can check out this awesome collection of tons of material design inspired themes.


Link to Collection of Wallpapers


The Galaxy Note 5 has a very common screen size. This means there are tons of wallpapers that will work perfectly on the 1440 x 2560 screen. The best way to find a bunch of them is to use Google Images. Just search for wallpapers that are exactly 1440 x 2560 pixels and you’ll get plenty of results.


Still not finding anything you like? Check out this XDA thread with custom wallpapers created by the community. There is a terrible lack of Captain Panaka wallpapers though… Oh well.

XDA Thread

There are plenty of ways to customize your Galaxy Note 5. XDA has a dedicated forum about themes and customizing your phone. Check it out to see how other people are spicing up their Note 5.

XDA Forum