Notepad could be the next app getting a Windows 11 facelift

Notepad could be the next app getting a Windows 11 facelift

Last week, Microsoft began shipping Windows 11, and it comes with a whole bunch of redesigned apps. Like many new features, it seemed like a lot of those app updates were put together at the last minute. There are all new versions of Photos, Snipping Tool, and even Paint that weren’t unveiled mere weeks ahead of the launch. Now, it seems like Notepad is the next to get a refresh for Windows 11.

Some images of the new app have leaked, as they were shown by a Microsoft engineer before being deleted. This is actually something that’s been happening often enough. It’s a strange issue to have, as there are so many new apps, they’re being tested internally, and then these employees are trying to show off Windows 11. A solution probably would have been to actually have these apps ready to go at launch.


Obviously, nothing is wildly different in Notepad. It’s got a Settings page, which is cool along with a new menu bar. Beyond that, things are going to stay the same.

Remember, Notepad is a basic text editing application. There is zero chance that there are going to be features added to it to make it as robust as Microsoft Word. That’s just not what this product is for. In fact, if the Redmond firm did try to add rich text, a share dialog, and other fun new features to Notepad, we might see riots in the streets. It’s a product which has had relatively unchanged functionality for decades.

A new Notepad app was actually teased back in June, or at least hinted at. Nothing was really shown, except for rounded corners on the app. And as we’ve seen from Windows 11, pretty much all apps get rounded corners, whether they’re redesigned for the new OS or not. It’s just part of the new UI.

Now, according to the screenshots, we know that something is coming. Insiders should be getting their hands on it soon.

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