Kernel sources for the Nothing Phone 1 are now live

Kernel sources for the Nothing Phone 1 are now live

Developers, get your fingers and keyboards ready, cause it’s about to get busy in here. You can now download the kernel source code and the device tree for one of the most hyped Android smartphones in recent times — the Nothing Phone 1.

Like all Android devices, the Nothing Phone 1 runs on a modified Linux kernel. Because the Linux kernel is distributed under the GNU GPL v2 license, all entities that distribute forks of the kernel are obliged to provide the source code for their kernel upon request. A lot of smartphone makers get around to releasing kernel sources whenever they feel like. It might be a month or two after a device is released or updated, but it usually happens. Nothing, to its credit, is much faster. What’s more significant is that the company has also published the full device tree in order to kickstart the modding game.

    The Nothing Phone 1 is a stylish looking phone with a cool semi-transparent back and fast, zippy UI.

For the unaware, the release enables custom kernel and ROM developers to create serious aftermarket development work without having to hobble together pieces intended for other hardware. As such, this is generally the foundation step before true, source-built development begins for the Nothing Phone 1. Furthermore, timely kernel source releases with proper commit history allow power users to dive deeper into the code that runs the phone, and even come up with new features that are otherwise not present in the stock configuration.

Nothing Phone 1 XDA Forums

If you’re a developer looking to start building for the device, head over to Nothing’s GitHub repository to get started. Then, be sure to visit our forums to share all of your newly created development work. There’s still a long way to go before this phone actually has a good developer community behind it, but the kernel source code release should help boost the modding scene quite a lot.

Nothing Phone 1: Kernel Source || Device Tree

Source: Nothing Open Source Software GitHub

Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer aswin_a_s for the tip!

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