Nougat Surpasses 20% in Android’s Distribution Numbers for November 2017

Nougat Surpasses 20% in Android’s Distribution Numbers for November 2017

We’re almost half way into November but it looks like Google has finally gotten around to updating Android’s distribution numbers for the 7-day period ending on November 9th, 2017. The big news last month was that Oreo had reached 4 million devices around the world and that both Lollipop as well as Marshmallow had dropped a bit. Those downward trends continue with Lollipop and Marshmallow this month as well and we’re seeing Oreo being actively used on 6 million devices now.

Starting with the newest version of Oreo, we can see from the table below that Oreo had just reached 0.2% last month and has now landed on 0.3% of active devices. This may not seem much but when Android as a whole has over 2 billion active devices worldwide, 0.3% is 6 million. This number will continue to grow as older versions stop being used. The only other version of Android to increase this month is Nougat which was at 17.8% in October and is now at 20.6%.

Android VersionOctober 2017November 2017
Ice Cream Sandwich0.6%0.5%
Jelly Bean6.6%6.2%

Nougat will continue to grow as more and more devices on Marshmallow receive the update to Nougat. We saw Marshmallow at 32% last month but in November, it has dropped down to 30.9%. Lollipop dropped as well which was at 27.7% in October and lost 0.5% down to 27.2%. As these numbers get lower and lower, we generally see the drops get smaller and smaller (as evident with Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich).

KitKat was reported to have been at 14.5% last month and this month we see that number continued to drop to 13.8% this month. Jelly Bean was at 6.6% and is now at 6.2%, Ice Cream Sandwich was at 0.6% and is now at 0.5% and lastly Gingerbread was at 0.6% as well and it too dropped down to 0.5%.

Source: Google

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