Nougat’s Open Beta 10 for the OnePlus 3 is Available

Nougat’s Open Beta 10 for the OnePlus 3 is Available

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OnePlus has been plowing through these open betas for its Nougat update on the OnePlus 3 lately. We saw the 8th open beta released toward the end of November, and now we’re already up to number 10. This could very well be the last open beta update we see for the OnePlus 3 before the official Nougat OTA begins to roll out. Remember, OnePlus told us that they had plans to release Nougat for the OnePlus 3 before the end of the year.

Since we’re two days away, this 10th open beta will either be very short, or they will decide to delay the official rollout. We are betting on the latter happening, but it really is anyone’s guess at this time. The 10th open beta for the OnePlus 3 can be downloaded and installed right now though, and the majority of the changes coming with this update seems to be optimizations. This is actually a good sign as it shows they are winding down the development of the update and are making the software as stable as possible.

So as far as optimizations goes, we’re told this update improves both system performance as well as battery consumption. So if you felt the device was sluggish, or used more battery life than it should have in the last update, then this one could solve those issues for you. The 10th open beta update also optimizes WiFi performance, and the fingerprint unlocking speed as well. Lastly, we’re told they have optimized the quality of the Expanded Screenshot feature as well.

Some people were experiencing a bug when reverting back to the default theme after a reboot, and this issue has been fixed in the latest update. There was also a bug with the lock screen clock in portrait mode, and that has been fixed too. The last thing in the change log says they have added a Data Saver feature to the core OS for those who have expensive data plans. OnePlus asks that you use this form to provide feedback on the UI/UX of the update, and you can discuss the update right here in our own OnePlus 3 forum.

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