Nova Launcher Beta Introduces Android O Style Notification Badges

Nova Launcher Beta Introduces Android O Style Notification Badges

Ever since its first release, Nova Launcher has been one of the finest third party launchers available for Android. It’s modern, up-to-date, wicked-fast and works on practically every device with Google’s mobile operating system. The most recent beta brings some of the improvements introduced in Android O.

Cliff Wade from TeslaCoil posted a changelog of the newly released version 5.2-beta1:

  • Dots! Android O style notification badges
  • Round searchbar style
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor fixes for Android O

The most exciting change is the introduction of the new notification badge style, the dots. Now as you probably know, Nova Launcher has featured the option to add similar notification counters for a while now, but adopting the new style allows users to get the look and feel of the O implementation, while retaining all other customization perks. Another interesting improvement is the round searchbar style. Users of the Android O beta should also notice that performance of the launcher has improved.

To enable the new notification style, you need to go to the settings and then Notification badges. Dots are available in the Choose a style menu. Please note, that you need to enable the notification access to the launcher if you want to use the Android O style of notifications.

You can get the latest version of the launcher by opting-in to beta program in Play Store. If you can’t wait, you can also get it from our one and only XDA Labs.

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