Nova Launcher Beta Updated With More New Pixel 2 Launcher Features

Nova Launcher Beta Updated With More New Pixel 2 Launcher Features

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Ever since its original conception, Nova Launcher has been one of the most customizable and actively updated launchers out there. It’s a great alternative for those looking to give their device, no matter how old or recent, a fresh look and feel. Nova Launcher 5.5 aims to bring the Android Oreo look, feel, and even features, to pretty much any Android device. The latest beta brings even more Oreo features to the table – this time around, they are adding some Pixel 2-exclusive tidbits.

The third Nova Launcher 5.5 beta includes, most notably, support for placing the search bar on the dock. Since it’s the Nova bar rather than the stock Google one, you will be able to customize it however you want. Also, for more freedom of choice, you can place the said bar over the dock icons rather than under them. This is not the first launcher to include this, as Action Launcher has already received a similar update some days before. So, while Nova is playing catch up here, it’s still a much-needed and appreciated update.

However, this is not the only change we’re seeing in this beta. Going to the app drawer, the navigation bar icons are now tinted dark whenever the status bar icons go dark (on Oreo, since dark navigation bar icons are a part of API 26). However, this is only with the drawer: if you toggle Dark icons in Appearance settings only the status bar will be tinted. A block-style pop-up menu a la Pixel launcher and adaptive icon animations, as well as some small changes in app shortcuts and shadows, are also present.

If you’d like to test out this beta build, you should be able to grab it from the Play Store already or download the APK directly from the Nova Launcher website. Have in mind that this is a beta, and you’ll need to be enrolled in the beta before downloading these updates.

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