Nova Launcher v6.1.11 is rolling out with 3 different color options for Night Mode

Nova Launcher v6.1.11 is rolling out with 3 different color options for Night Mode

Customization is one of Android’s main foundational pillars, and a big selling point against iOS, a closed platform that does not allow for such flexible customization. If you want to, you’re able to go as far as to changing entire aspects of the UI using Substratum. And with Android Q, some customization features, including a full-on dark mode, will be available and baked right into the system. If you do want to keep it simple, though, one of your best options is using a third-party launcher. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular third-party launcher available for Android, and is a user-favorite for several reasons despite the existence of other capable alternatives.


Nova Launcher is rolling out a minor update in the stable branch. The new v6.1.11 update brings a cosmetic improvement when it comes to the app’s dark theme (or Night Mode). Now, instead of just having a light and dark mode in a single shade, you have 3 different dark mode options depending on what you prefer the most. The first one being a lighter shade of gray, the second one being a slightly darker one, and the third one being full-on AMOLED-friendly black. Doesn’t get much more complicated than that.

The three different dark theme options in Nova Launcher.

Keep in mind that this change is barely visible outside of the Nova settings menu, as you get to choose most of the menu/bar colors yourself. You can see it in the widget picker, the app shortcuts, the settings, but not much elsewhere. But then again, Nova Launcher already offers a lot of customisation options, so you very likely already have your favorite layout set up for your homescreen and app drawer.

The update is now live in the Play Store, so if you’re using Nova Launcher at the moment, you can go ahead and grab the update.

Nova Launcher
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