Now Gesture Tweaks Replaces Google Now with Custom Action

Now Gesture Tweaks Replaces Google Now with Custom Action

On most modern Android devices with software navigation keys, swiping up from the bottom of the screen launches Google Now. And for those devices with hardware navigation buttons, long pressing on the home button accomplishes the same task. With no native settings in Android to change the action to anything else, these convenient gestures remain untouched and unused on many devices. So until Google finally realizes that not everyone cares for or uses Google Now–at least not enough to warrant a dedicated shortcut–it looks like we have to turn to third party apps to remedy the issue. This is where Now Gesture Tweaks comes in.

Developed by XDA Senior Member SpadaBoss, Now Gesture Tweaks is an app that allows you to customize the action activated when swiping up from the navigation bar or long pressing on the hardware home button. Although the app comes as a free version and a paid version, the free version packs the essential functionalities sure to be useful for many people. These free functions include launching a picker which displays all your apps from which you can choose to launch an app from, and launching a custom app. The functions in the paid functions include numerous other shortcuts such as opening a camera and toggling settings.

So, if you own an Android device and would rather see this shortcut be used for something else other than launching Google Now, head over to the Now Gesture Tweaks application thread for more details.

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