Nreal’s new augmented reality smart glasses will be bundled with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet on Korea’s LG U+

Nreal’s new augmented reality smart glasses will be bundled with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet on Korea’s LG U+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and LG Velvet are the latest and greatest Android smartphones from the two Korean tech giants, and both Samsung and LG are competing to offer the most value to consumers in their home country. When you purchase either device on South Korea’s LG U+ carrier, you’ll get a discount on the new Nreal Light augmented reality smart glasses as part of a promotional bundle.

The Nreal Light and 5G smartphone bundle bring the price of the glasses down to 349,000 KRW ($295) from 699,000 KRW ($586). Consumers can tether the glasses to the Samsung or LG device, allowing them to experience what the Nreal Light has to offer.


Nreal Light’s form factor offers all the hallmarks of a consumer-grade AR device that’s lightweight and compact enough to wear like sunglasses. Nreal Light offers 52 degree Field of View and a brilliant display, which simulates the experience of watching your favorite shows or playing games on a 100-inch Micro OLED screen. But with Nreal Light, the advantage is that you can enjoy the experience anywhere.

According to Nreal, its AR smartglasses transform 2D apps onto a user-defined 3D interface using a system named Nebula. Through Nebula, users can apparently arrange “dozens of screens” within their field of view, so they can do things such as watch shows and browse the internet at the same time.

Nreal Light UI

Hundreds of the world’s most popular apps will be available to use with Nreal Light at launch, including Google Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, and more. LG U+ will also launch a series of exclusive apps on Nreal Light later this year.

Nreal Light owners will get several accessories included with the smartglasses, such as a corrective lens frame and four different sized magnetically attachable nose pads. There’s also a VR Cover, which will block your view in an effort to offer an immersive VR experience for gaming and video.

Nreal Light consumer kit

Nreal calls the Nreal Light’s launch a “historic moment” in the world of smart glasses. Bundling them with two of the market’s biggest new smartphones and a 5G data plan will go a long way to elevating their chances of finding an audience, but whether they can go mainstream remains to be seen.

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If you’re interested, you can purchase the bundle through LG U+ starting today, or you can buy the glasses by themselves at LG U+ retail locations on August 21. Though we saw Nreal at CES earlier this year, there’s no word yet on international availability for the Nreal Light.

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