Nreal brings Steam games to its AR smart glasses

Nreal brings Steam games to its AR smart glasses

Nreal today announced that it’s rolling out Steam support for its AR smart glasses in beta, allowing PC gamers to stream their favorite Steam games to their AR glasses. In addition, Nreal has announced a new hackathon event called the AR Jam to promote the development of creative AR experiences further.

Talking about the Steam on Nreal beta rollout, Nreal’s co-founder Peng Jin said, “We are excited to be the first to bring Steam into AR. The beta release is meant to give people a glimpse into what is possible. After all, AAA games should be played on a 200″ HD screen and they should be played free of location restrictions.”


It’s worth mentioning that the current beta release requires a bit of setup effort, and it’s not optimized for all Steam games. But you can enjoy AAA titles like DiRT Rally and the entire Halo series right away. Alternatively, users can also enjoy games using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service on their Nreal Light and Nreal Air via browser access inside Nebula, Nreal’s 3D system.

The AR Jam hackathon will kick off on June 27 and offer more than $100,000 in cash prizes. It will cover AR experiences across various categories, including at-home fitness, art, games, video, ports, and more. The winners in each category will get a $10,000 grand prize. Those who place second or third will also receive unspecified cash prizes, while honorable mentions will be able to get their hands on an Nreal Light Dev kit for free.

With its AR Jam event, Nreal aims to attract developers to create unique AR experiences for its smart glasses. The company is also in the process of setting up a content fund to aid AR content development.

For more information about the Nreal AR Jam, head over to the company’s website by following this link. If you wish to develop AR experiences for Nreal’s AR smart glasses, you can order an Nreal Light Developer Kit here.

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