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If you’re working from home, get this NTENSE Xtreme Riser desk for $144 ($155 off)

If you’re working from home, get this NTENSE Xtreme Riser desk for $144 ($155 off)

Black Friday is over, but there are still a ton of deals showing up in anticipation of Cyber Monday. One that we’ve spotted is the NTENSE Xtreme Riser desk, which looks to be the perfect desk for any work-from-home setup. It has an MSRP of $300, but now it’s at its deepest discount ever, coming in at just $144.

    The NTENSE Xtreme Riser is a decent desk for a decent price, with special holders for your headphones and your drink, too.

The beauty of a desk with a riser is that the part that rises can hold your monitors better up towards your eye level. This desk also has a built-in headphones holder and a built-in cup holder, with the latter being especially useful so that you don’t spill drinks over your important PC peripherals.


The desk has cable management built-in, along with LEDs under the riser and two USB ports against the back on the right-hand side. The cup holder and headphone hook can both be moved too, with NTENSE saying they can be moved between four different locations. The riser can withstand 30lb whereas the desk itself can withstand 80lb. It requires assembly, and the Amazon listing suggests that two adults are required to build the NTENSE Xtreme Riser.

The desk measures 34.1-inches in height, 53.6-inches in width, and 23.7-inches in depth when assembled, meaning that there’s also a ton of room for two monitors on this desk. If you’re looking to pick up some other additions to your PC setup, then be sure to check out our best PC and Gaming Cyber Monday deals.

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