Add NTFS Support to Your Android Device

Add NTFS Support to Your Android Device

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Over the last few years, Android has become quite a complete mobile operating system. Numerous features and its open source nature make it an even more attractive choice both to developers and casual end users. Despite the overall greatness of the OS, there is still a little room for improvements–a fact that was demonstrated clearly with the awesomeness that is Android Lollipop and all of its new goodies!

One potentially useful feature that stock Android lacks is NTFS support. NTFS is a file system used both in Windows and certain UNIX-like operating systems. Support for this file system can be added by a suitable patch to the sdcardfs.ko kernel module. Such a patch has been provided by XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor munjeni. The application does all the work. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are provided while using the tool.

The aforementioned app has been tested on Sony Xperia phones. If you would like to test it on other models, please make sure that you have a backup to restore from in case anything goes wrong. Your device must also have root access, but this is XDA and we all have root.

You can add NTFS support to your Android-powered phone or tablet really easy. To do so, head over to the NTFS mount tool for Android forum thread and learn more.