NVIDIA Broadcast version 1.3 brings big performance improvements

NVIDIA Broadcast version 1.3 brings big performance improvements

NVIDIA has released the latest update to the NVIDIA Broadcast app, bringing it to version 1.3. For those unaware, NVIDIA Broadcast is an app designed for owners of NVIDIA’s RTX cards, which allows them to add audio and video effects to their streaming setup. This includes background noise removal or virtual video backgrounds, which was available previously in the RTX Voice app.

The update to version 1.3 brings a couple of key improvements to NVIDIA Broadcast. First off, if you use the background noise removal feature, you may have noticed in the past that high-pitched voices and screaming may have caused the audio to cut out. NVIDIA said this was rare, but because it usually happened during peak excitement during a stream, it was still a big problem. Now, the company used new training sound profiles to account for these scenarios so voices are still audible while cutting out background noise.


This version also reduces the performance impact of stacking different effects. Previously, using multiple audio and video effects at the same time could eat up the GPU’s VRAM quickly. In NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3, VRAM usage has been reduced by over 40% when stacking AI-based effects, keeping games running smoothly while streaming.

Finally, NVIDIA has added support for more apps to work with NVIDIA Broadcast. You’ll now be able to use the app with webcam utilities from Canon, Nikon, and Sony, as well as OBS Virtual Camera. On a smaller note, some UI tweaks and fixes have also been done here and there to make the app work better.

NVIDIA Broadcast UI

As a reminder, many features of NVIDIA Broadcast are available in other apps, too, thanks to partnerships with other developers. The audio noise removal feature can be found in apps like OBS Studio, and Streamlabs for streamers, while video editors can use in tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Audacity. You need to install the NVIDIA Broadcast redistributable package for these features to be available, though.

If you just want the standalone app, you can download NVIDIA Broadcast version 1.3 now.

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