GeForce GPUs are not coming to mobile anytime soon, says NVIDIA CEO

GeForce GPUs are not coming to mobile anytime soon, says NVIDIA CEO

One of the biggest news that came out of this year’s Computex event was Samsung and AMD detailing their upcoming mobile GPU that both companies have been working on since 2019. As AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su revealed during the keynote, the next-gen Exynos will feature AMD’s RDNA 2 GPU along with support for ray tracing and variable rate shading. While you might have expected NVIDIA to make a similar announcement this year, it looks like AMD’s rival won’t be joining the mobile GPU party anytime soon.

NVIDIA is in the middle of acquiring ARM, and there have been speculations that the acquisition will open up the door for NVIDIA to bring its GeForce lineup of GPUs to Android smartphones. But that won’t happen anytime in the near future, as per NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang (via ZDNet). According to Huang, now isn’t the right time for the company to bring ray tracing games to smartphones.


“Ray tracing games are quite large, to be honest. The data set is quite large, and there’ll be a time for it. When the time is right, we might consider it,” said Huang during a press conference on Wednesday.

Huang added that the current best route to reach mobile gamers is through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service, which currently offers 1,000+ titles and boasts of over 10 million users across 70 countries.

That’s how we would like to reach Android devices, Chrome devices, iOS devices, Mac OS devices, Linux devices, all kinds of devices, whether it’s on TV, mobile device, or PC. I think that for us, right now, that’s the best strategy.

Responding to media queries about whether NVIDIA was looking to invest in proprietary fabrication nodes, the CEO said there were no such plans, and NVIDIA would continue to rely on TSMC and other fabricators. “You could spin up a fab, but it won’t be a good foundry,” Huang said. “The business is not easy, what TSMC does for a living is not easy, and it’s not gonna get any easier.”

NVIDIA has tried its hand at smartphone chips in the past with its Tegra lineup of SoCs. The chips have featured in several Android smartphones and tablets such as Motorola Atrix 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, Google Nexus 7 (2012), Xperia Tablet S, and more. Nowadays, though, the Tegra chips are only found on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV lineup.

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