NVIDIA GeForce NOW gets a major redesign on Windows and macOS

NVIDIA GeForce NOW gets a major redesign on Windows and macOS

Streaming services are all the rage these days, and with services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ being examples of highly successful video streaming services, tech companies are now trying to bring the same premise to gaming. Game streaming services are now being pushed as the possible future of gaming, or at least a viable alternative for those who can’t afford full-blown gaming systems for their homes. One of many such game-streaming services is GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s own alternative which, among other things, features GeForce graphics among its stand-out features. It has been available in beta for a while now, but as it nears final, primetime release, it’s now getting a full-blown redesign for both the Windows and macOS versions of the app.


The redesigned NVIDIA GeForce Now app (top) compared to the older UI (bottom).

The streamlined user interface mainly features bigger cards for games, putting them at the forefront of the UI and doing away with the sidebar and other unnecessary elements. A big search bar is also present in the top action bar, replacing the search button at the right side. According to NVIDIA, the redesigned UI is built for “simplicity and customization” and puts a lot more focus on the search function of the app.

The newer version of the GeForce NOW also puts a focus on detail. Games will show details such as whether they require a controller, whether they’re developed by indie teams, and much more in order to allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for. These additional details also translate to the search function, which will be able to search and find games with much more specific detail than it did before.

The redesigned version of NVIDIA GeForce NOW is set to roll out starting tomorrow to users on both Windows and macOS alike. If you don’t receive the update, then you’ll also be able to download it manually. Do you like this new redesign?

Update: We received the following note from NVIDIA – 

“During today’s GeForce NOW app update rollout, we discovered a bug that would have a negative impact on our user’s gaming experience. We’re currently working on the issue but estimate it will take a couple days to fix and test.

GFN members can continue using the service on the current version of the PC/Mac client without interruption.” – NVIDIA spokesperson

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