NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service will finally be coming to more Android devices

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service will finally be coming to more Android devices

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One of the recent trends we’ve seen is companies pushing hard to make streaming the future of gaming. Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Google Stadia are just some examples of this. Gaming companies are trying to move everything up to the cloud, including the hardware you play with, in order to try to make gaming more accessible to everyone. One of those alternatives, and arguably one of the strongest ones, is NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. GeForce Now gives users the option to play games in the cloud without requiring users to upgrade their hardware whatsoever. It’s currently available in beta for PC, but now you’ll also be able to have a go at it on mobile Android devices.

GeForce Now is set to be released on mobile Android devices later this year, allowing you to play your favorite games with your phone of choice. It’s already available on the SHIELD Android TV, but not for phones/tablets. No specific timeframe has been shared, but, as is to be expected, it will first be released as a beta before a wider rollout. NVIDIA does recommend users to play with a Bluetooth controller such as their SHIELD controller or alternatives from Steelseries/Razer, given how it’ll be downright impossible to play some games using your touchscreen. This opens the doors of GeForce Now, and all of its potential, to at least 2 billion devices more, including people who won’t be able to play on a computer all of the time.

The announcement comes in tandem with other improvements to the GeForce Now platform, including an upgrade to GeForce RTX graphics to certain data centers in Northern California and Germany, set to roll out to other data centers across North America and Europe over time. This allows for better, more fluid gaming for GeForce Now users, which Android users will soon be a part of.

As we said before, GeForce Now will become available on an Android device near you before the end of the year. So if you’re interested in trying it out, be sure to opt into the beta and download it as soon as it becomes available.

Source: NVIDIA