NVIDIA is bringing its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service to some Android TV devices

NVIDIA is bringing its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service to some Android TV devices

The cloud game streaming market is becoming a crowded place and one of the primary contenders is NVIDIA GeForce NOW. In fact, it was actually one of the very first cloud gaming services to be available to consumers. NVIDIA started closed beta testing for the Android mobile app last year, and in February of this year, the service became available to all users. On Android TV, however, the service is limited to NVIDIA’s own SHIELD TV devices. That looks to be changing soon.

The latest version of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW app adds “beta support for Android TV devices.” The changelog talks about how NVIDIA recommends the SHIELD TV for the lowest latency and highest quality and that other Android TV experiences may vary. The Play Store listing specifically says the LG U+ UHD3 set-top box from South Korea has been “optimized for GeForce NOW.” This is the first non-NVIDIA Android TV box to get official support.


What this means is that NVIDIA is preparing to bring GeForce NOW to more Android TV devices. In fact, many users in the Android TV subreddit have successfully sideloaded the v5.27 APK onto their device. It’s reported to work on the Xiaomi Mi Box S and 2015 Sony 4K TV so far. For those waiting for more official support, we don’t know when that will come.

NVIDIA says development is still ongoing for GeForce NOW support on Android TV at large. The company has plans to give an official release sometime later on, but it will likely be in “Early Access.” NVIDIA also says “select” Android TV devices will get support, so it won’t be available officially to all. GeForce NOW is one of the better cloud gaming services out there and it recently got a bunch of new games as well. We can’t wait to see it on more TVs.

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