Roller Champions headlines 10 new games joining Nvidia GeForce Now

Roller Champions headlines 10 new games joining Nvidia GeForce Now

It’s Thursday again which for cloud gaming enthusiasts means another slate of games joining Nvidia GeForce Now. It’s a fairly big week this time around, with 10 new titles being added to the catalog. The headline act is Roller Champions, Ubisoft’s new free-to-play roller skating title that’s a lot more fun than you might think.

Become a sports legend and compete for fame in fast-paced 3v3 matches. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team possession and score. Take advantage of passes, tackles and team moves to win against opponents and climb the leaderboard kicking off with the Kickoff Season today.

Roller Champions also gets a big thumbs up for supporting both cross-play and cross-progression, so you and your console-playing buds can join in together. It also gives those waiting for it to launch on Google Stadia a chance to get going right now using Nvidia’s cloud instead.


I played a very early version of Roller Champions over two years ago at XO19 in London, and there’s definitely something there. It stands out from the crowd by just being different, and not being a shooter. The gameplay is slick, the visuals are bright and appealing and it could end up being a bit of a sleeper hit. Only time will tell.

This week’s additions to Nvidia GeForce Now

Roller Champions isn’t the only title hitting GeForce Now this month, here’s the full list and which stores you’ll be getting them from.

My Time at Sandrock on GeForce Now

There’s a good mix in this week’s arrivals, with one of the other standouts being My Time at Sandrock, the follow-up to My Time at Portia. Like its predecessor, you find yourself in the most wholesome post-apocalyptic society you could ever imagine with the task of rebuilding society.

As an additional note, free-to-play space title, Star Conflict, will no longer be coming to GeForce Now in May. For this week’s additions and every other title in the library, you can play through the cloud, with no payment required to try out the basic tier.

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