More NVIDIA SHIELD Tablets get Marshmallow Updates (Updated – 4.0 OTA Halted)

More NVIDIA SHIELD Tablets get Marshmallow Updates (Updated – 4.0 OTA Halted)

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Today NVIDIA released two updates for its SHIELD tablets, both involving Marshmallow. The first is a 1.1 release for the SHIELD K1 tablet and includes many bug fixes from the December release including the January security updates from Google. More importantly a 6.0 release for most remaining SHIELD tablets has finally arrived. Unfortunately owners of a SHIELD tablet designed to work on US LTE networks are still in a holding pattern due to certification. According to the feedback thread on NVIDIA’s forums it “…will be made available in the coming weeks”.

The update follows most of the same notes that we saw with the K1 update in December. SHIELD tablet owners should take note of the new MicroSD card usage and recall that while they can use it for internal storage with the new update, all data on the card will be wiped if electing to do so. Please keep this in mind and back up any data accordingly. For those wanting to know, NVIDIA customer service has stated “… both are based on build and thus contain the same fixes.” This means that issues encountered with the K1 release and are addressed in the 1.1 update should not be encountered on the SHIELD tablet.

While the tablets are seeing updates another device, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, has not heard anything about their update beyond the preview from last month. Speculation suggests that an issue may have been encountered in the final stages of quality assurance testing. NVIDIA has been mum on the topic; customer service reps previously offered updates but are no longer providing ETAs in the NVIDIA forums. We’ll keep our readers updated with any news on this topic as it is made public!

Are you an owner of a SHIELD tablet that will now get the upgrade? Have you already completed it and would like to share your thoughts? Please feel free to leave us a comment below or join the discussion in our NVIDIA SHIELD forums!

Update 2/2/2016 4:32 CT – Updated with build information.

Update 2/2/2016 2:11 CT – Following reports of wifi issues we see that in the SHIELD forums a post has been put up indicating a halt to the 4.0 update due to potential wifi concerns. Please refer to this if you’re having issues as far as troubleshooting and reporting the issue to NVIDIA.