ICYMI: NVIDIA’s RTX Voice has worked on GTX cards for months now

ICYMI: NVIDIA’s RTX Voice has worked on GTX cards for months now

NVIDIA launched RTX Voice last year exclusively for its GeForce RTX 20 series of GPUs to help in suppressing background noise using intelligent AI. During the launch, the company claimed that the tech made use of the Tensor cores available on these graphics cards. However, modders quickly discovered that the software works on GTX GPUs after disabling a few hardcoded checks in the configuration files. In case you missed the news, you don’t need to mod the app anymore to get it to work with your GTX card — RTX Voice was patched months ago to officially support them.

You may have seen a few reports making the rounds this week that claim that NVIDIA “quietly” updated the RTX Voice app sometime in the last few months to support GTX cards. The truth of the matter is that NVIDIA actually officially announced the news all the way back in September of last year. See, after deprecating the app in favor of NVIDIA Broadcast, the company announced that it had also updated the RTX Voice app to support all GeForce GTX graphics cards. Apparently, many, many people missed this tiny announcement and thus weren’t aware of the fact that RTX Voice officially supports GTX cards. If you were one of them, then congrats! You don’t need to upgrade your graphics card just to use NVIDIA’s awesome AI noise cancellation software.


All graphics cards from NVIDIA, including the new RTX 30 series all the way down to the GTX 600-series, can make use of the noise suppressing software. Based on user reports, the standalone RTX Voice app strangely doesn’t support the new RTX 30 series, but that doesn’t really matter since the app has been succeeded by NVIDIA Broadcast for those cards anyway.

NVIDIA claims that RTX Voice is compatible with the following apps:

  •    OBS Studio
  •     XSplit Broadcaster
  •     XSplit Gamecaster
  •     Twitch Studio
  •     Discord
  •     Google Chrome
  •     WebEx
  •     Skype
  •     Zoom
  •     Slack

We’ve been running RTX Voice on a GeForce GTX 1660 setup for months now, and the app has worked just fine. I was personally able to reduce quite a bit of noise coming from my TV running in the background while I was on a Discord chat.

You can try RTX Voice by downloading it from the official NVIDIA website. As previously mentioned, if you are using any of the RTX 20 or RTX 30 series of GPU, then you should try the more advanced version called NVIDIA Broadcast. Alongside RTX Voice, this app includes a webcam feature that allows you to set up a virtual background when you are streaming or video chatting, almost as if you have a green screen. This feature also makes use of the advanced AI capabilities of these graphics cards.

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