NVIDIA Shield Experience 7.2.2 update adds an option to automatically switch color modes

NVIDIA Shield Experience 7.2.2 update adds an option to automatically switch color modes

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV remains to be one of the most amazing Android devices in history. This relatively obscure device, at least in comparison to smartphones, has received consistent software updates for close to 4 years. Last month, the Shield Experience 7.2 update rolled out. Today, another update is hitting the Android TV set-top box.

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The last update brought SMBv3 support and the Amazon Music app, among other things. This new update (7.2.2) is smaller, but it does include some useful additions for Shield Android TV users. One such feature is the ability to automatically switch between color modes. If certain SDR content looks washed out for you, then you may want to enable this setting. Not everyone will need it though, but give it a shot if you think the videos you’re watching don’t look like they should. This can be enabled by going to Settings > Developer Options > Colorimetry. This feature is in beta and requires a reboot to apply.


Here’s the full list of enhancements/fixes:

  • Fixes Keyboard/Mouse functionality for PUBG Mobile
  • Fixes bug where colors are displayed incorrectly on Chrome/Puffin browsers
  • Resolves storage quota issues when transferring files from PC to SHIELD
  • Fixes issue where Dualshock 3 controller would not pair properly over Bluetooth
  • Fixes issue affecting original Xbox One wired controller functionality
  • Resolves issues where PLEX would not access content on NAS
  • Addresses issues where NAS would not manually mount correctly
  • Resolves bug where PLEX was not detecting Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD 1590
  • Fixes bug where home screen is displayed while mounting network storage
  • Fixes bug where Dynamic range advanced display setting was not working
  • Improves network connectivity when connecting to router through local DNS or gateway
  • Resolves issue where Sling app would not be available
  • [Beta] Adds setting to automatically switch color modes (Settings > Developer Options > Colorimetry)

Source: NVIDIA

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