NVIDIA Shield Experience 7.2.3 rolls out with Xbox Elite wired controller support

NVIDIA Shield Experience 7.2.3 rolls out with Xbox Elite wired controller support

The NVIDIA Shield is arguably one of the very few Android TV boxes that is actually worth every penny. The device was originally released in 2015 and it has been receiving consistent updates ever since. The last version of the system, Shield Experience 7.2.2, was released in January. It brought automatically switching the color modes and bug fixes for some of the popular apps, games, and hardware. Now NVIDIA is rolling out Shield Experience 7.2.3.

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The latest version of the Shield Experience operating system brings Xbox Elite wired controller support. Microsoft released the Elite version of its standard controller back in 2015. Unlike the standard controller, Xbox Elite has a rubberized grip, swappable metal thumbsticks, backpaddles, and also metal shoulder triggers. Xbox Elite retails for $149 and it is meant for wireless gaming. From the looks of it, the Shield Experience update only supports the controller in wired mode, so you have to plug in a micro USB cable to the gadget.

Another very important addition is the December 2018 security patches. While it’s still slightly older, better security is always welcome. Also, if you are suffering from the software related WiFi problems, you can now you can restart the service by going to Settings > Network > Restart Wi-Fi. Shield Experience 7.2.3 also includes better customization options for power controls via HDMI-CEC protocol, which lets you use single remote for your TV and connected devices. You can see the full changelog below.


  • Includes security fixes up to Android December 2018 bulletin
  • Adds option to restart Wi-Fi service if wireless APs are not visible (Settings > Network > Restart Wi-Fi)
  • Adds NAS write support for Emby Media Server (requires Emby Media Server or later)
  • Adds more customization options for HDMI-CEC power control
  • Adds support for wired XBOX Elite controller

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixes bug where SD cards were not detected reliably
  • Improves reliability when manually mounting NAS to SHIELD


  • Resolves HDMI-CEC reliability issues for Soundbars
  • Fixed display blanking bug when refresh rate or display resolution changes
  • Resolves HDCP issues observed on Bauhn/Kogan TVs


  • Resolve issues when scanning for wireless APs after disabling ethernet
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD would not detect or connect to Wi-Fi APs
  • Improves detection and reporting of low power channels when scanning for Wi-Fi APs
  • Adds Wi-Fi Restart as an option in customizable quick settings
  • Addresses issue where Wi-Fi would drop from 5GHz to 2GHz (disables Wi-Fi roaming)


  • [SHIELD remote 2017] Fixes bug where short button presses were detected incorrectly
  • [SHIELD remote 2017] Fixes fast battery drain issue
  • Fixes bugs affecting 3rd party controllers
  • Fixes XBOX One button functionality
  • Fixes rare occurrence where IR commands stop working on SHIELD remote (2017) and controller (2017) until restart
  • Fire TV remote mic button opens microphones on SHIELD accessories for Google Assistant/voice search


  • Resolves issue in PLEX where media stored on NAS shows as unavailable
  • Fixes issue where USB web camera preview is zoomed in
  • Fixes issue where buzzing sound would be heard when enabling Stereo upmix
  • [SHIELD Pro] Resolved issue where device imagery not present on pairing screen
  • Fixes issue where release notes display an android icon
  • Adds toast message when Release Notes is displayed
  • Resolves issue where green line visible at bottom/right of screen during playback
  • Resolves bug where “Power off” was missing in Settings > About

Latest accessory firmware versions:

  • SHIELD controller (2017): v1.28
  • SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
  • SHIELD remote (2017): v1.41
  • SHIELD remote (2015): v.1.32

Known Issues:

  • CEC with Samsung TV’s wakes on it’s own after going to sleep.
  • Plex takes 30 seconds to start a video on SMB V3 NAS. Workaround for now is configure NAS to SMB V1.
  • Screen corruption/crash/android frameworks restart during video playback.
  • Streaming from high latency network services has lower bandwidth than expected.
  • Rare occurrences of Wifi disconnect which requires a restart to recover.
  • Rare occurrences of USB drives being ejected.
  • Colorimetry feature puts REC709 4k Videos into REC2020 in Youtube.
  • Hauppauge DVB-T EU tuners don’t find all available channels in Plex.

Source: GeForce Forums

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