NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 6.0 Coming to NVIDIA Shield TV, Brings Google Assistant Support

NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 6.0 Coming to NVIDIA Shield TV, Brings Google Assistant Support

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Earlier today, we’ve learned via the Google Blog that the Google Assistant was soon making its way to Android TV devices, starting with the NVIDIA Shield TV and later coming to Sony Bravia TVs in the following months. Google Assistant brings users the ability to browse content on your TV, search for relevant information, and pretty much anything you can already do using your phone’s Assistant. Following this announcement by Google, a new system update for the NVIDIA Shield TV was set to roll out to Shield TV devices starting today.

This new update, dubbed NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 6.0, now brings official Google Assistant support to your device, which will continue to improve further in future updates. Google Assistant will allow Shield TV users to browse movies and TV shows, see your Google Photos, see your schedule, ask questions, and a lot more. The Assistant is aided by the Shield controller’s built-in microphone with low-power ambient listening capabilities, so you can press the mic button on your controller or just say “OK Google” to trigger the Assistant. It’s conversational and context-aware, just like in Android phones, and also works with other Assistant-supported devices in your home, allowing for some nifty things like dimming the lights using your voice. Assistant support also brings a 3 month trial of YouTube Red for Shield TV users, removing ads and adding YouTube Red-exclusive content for everyone.

SmartThings support is also coming with the NVIDIA Shield Experience 6.0 update. This means that when paired with a SmartThings Link, your NVIDIA Shield TV will work as a SmartThings hub, integrating with other SmartThings-certified products in your household. This will allow you to perform some tasks like dimming the lights, turning them on and off, adjusting your thermostat, and much more using your TV. And with SmartThings routines, you can trigger customizable actions whenever you want — at a certain time of the day, when you’re at work, when you’re out shopping, and more through the SmartThings app. The SmartThings Link, which is required for unlocking the SmartThings capabilities of your device, will be priced at $39.99, with an initial promotional price of $14.99.

If you own a NVIDIA Shield TV, be on the lookout for an OTA update coming soon to your device, bringing Google Assistant support and the features listed above Owners of other Android TV devices, like Sony Bravia TVs, will need to wait for an official timeline or announcement from their manufacturer. We are excited to see Android TV make its way to Android TV devices, and we hope to hear from other OEMs soon regarding this Assistant update.