OAndBackupX is a fork of the popular open source backup app for Android

OAndBackupX is a fork of the popular open source backup app for Android

Here at XDA, we are all huge fans of custom ROMs, themes, and all other sorts of modifications. Some of us switch between different custom ROMs fairly regularly, and thus need to use app data backup solutions such as Migrate or the almighty Titanium Backup. If the closed source nature of these solutions is a deal-breaker for you, then OAndBackupX might be right up your alley.

If the name of the app sounds familiar, it most likely is, as OAndBackupX is a fork of the oandbackup project. XDA Member Machiav3lli, AKA Antonios Hazim, decided to re-purpose the codebase of oandbackup as the foundation of OAndBackupX. Compared to oandbackup (which has not been updated since March 2019), OAndBackupX comes with a sleek, modern user interface, compatibility with newer Android versions, the ability to handle split APKs, support for in-app backup encryption, and many more improvements.


Here are the core functionalities of OAndBackupX:

  • It requires root and allows you to backup individual apps and their data.
  • Both backup and restore of individual programs one at a time and batch backup and restore of multiple programs are supported.
  • Restoring system apps should be possible without requiring a reboot afterwards.
  • Backups can be scheduled with no limit on the number of individual schedules and there is the possibility of creating custom lists from the list of installed apps.

Keep in mind that the developer has yet to add support for Android’s Storage Access Framework. As a result, OAndBackupX can’t access external SD cards or USB OTG storage mediums, although Antonios is actively working on it.

The app itself is open source, and the source code is hosted on the developer’s GitHub profile. You can find ready-to-install APK of OAndBackupX on the GitHub repo’s release section, F-Droid, and Izzyondroid. Check out the forum thread linked below to learn more.

OAndBackupX: Apps and data backup tool for Android — XDA Thread

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